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It was the day before thanksgiving and the final day of my mom’s wake. I woke up that morning still reeling about the email alert I saw on her phone that someone had changed the primary email address on one of her accounts. I had enough of the sneaky bullshit from my brother and his […]

I woke up early the next morning. The wake wasn’t until about 1:00 in the afternoon. I took some coffee and I ran straight to walmart in my pajamas. I was so thankful my my cousin and my mom’s cousin had gathered some photos for me. The rest I randomly selected off my mom’s Facebook […]

I my husband let me sleep in a little the next morning. I needed it but I had so much shit to do. I had to be up at the funeral home by 12:00pm to give them the outfit for my mom. On the way home the night before I stopped at Walmart to try […]

I had left the hospital and ran to my house to grab some of my stuff so I could sleep there. They had this baby blue, fake leather, recliner chair in my moms room and that was going to be my bed for the night. Aunt Debbie decided she wasn’t going to stay. Instead she […]

My brother got up to the hospital shortly after talking to him. We paged the doctor and he was there within minutes (which is highly unusual). He explained the same things he had told me, to my brother, and thankfully my brother agreed with my “choice.” It wasn’t really much of a choice though. It […]

I had only slept for a few brief hours and it was the morning of November 18th 2016. That day was my husband’s birthday and not only was it his birthday but it was his 40th. I always wanted to throw a huge party for him but that year it was obviously impossible. I didn’t […]

It was Thursday the 17th of November and my brother and I were due up at the hospital around 12:00pm to meet with the social worker. I had no choice but to bring my son with me to the meeting. My husband had just started working with a new company in his union, that week […]

The next day was Wed the 16th. I got there around 2:30-3:00 that afternoon. I had my son with me but only for a short time. After their breakup, my mom was still very friendly with my brother’s ex-fiancé’s mother. In fact we went to dinner with her about two weeks before she ended up back […]