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Say Cheese! ­čžÇ  I was telling someone the story today about what my brother and his succubus of a wife, Satan and what they put me and my mom through during the last month of my mom’s life, while she was in the hospital. I didn’t share the story with many, as it was not […]

I’ve always felt different than a lot of the women in my family. I attribute that to my mom because she had grown up with three sisters and always felt like the black sheep. I was a tom boy as a kid and preferred hanging out with my brother and my cousin Benny at family […]

If you haven’t already, read parts one, two, three, four and five of this series.  My lawyer called me with good news finally. My Aunts had decided to renounce their roles as executors of my mom’s estate. I sincerely´╗┐ couldn’t believe it. I wanted to jump up and click my heels in celebration. This meant […]

If you haven’t already, read parts one, two, three & four of this series.  It had been over six months since I had spoken to my aunts or my brother and his wife, whom I affectionately refer to as Satan. (I hope you see the sarcasm there).  I had ignored every attempt of theirs to […]

If you didn’t read parts 1,2 & 3 I would suggest doing so before reading ´╗┐here, here and ´╗┐here´╗┐.  ´╗┐ My brother and Aunts were doing everything in their power to try to get me to drop my objection to my aunts being the executors of my mom’s will. Clearly they were worried about something´╗┐. […]

If you didn’t read Part one and ´╗┐Part two´╗┐ of this series, I would suggest you do before reading this one. If you didn’t, I’ll catch you up. My brother had finally found out that I was objecting to my aunts being appointed as executors of my mom’s estate and he sent me (and other […]

Please see part one of this post before reading here.  If you read my post about my confrontation with my brother and Satan, his wife, at my mom’s house, then you know what happened after my brother found out that I had filed the will. If you didn’t read it, you can read it here. […]