A sticky mess….

The next day was Wed the 16th. I got there around 2:30-3:00 that afternoon. I had my son with me but only for a short time. After their breakup, my mom was still very friendly with my brother’s ex-fiancé’s mother. In fact we went to dinner with her about two weeks before she ended up back in the hospital. I hadn’t told her my mom was back in the hospital because her brother had just passed away around the same, and I thought it would be too much for her to handle. I told her husband who works in a restaurant that I frequently go to, and I figured he would tell her when the time was right. Once he did, she texted me and I told her what was going on and she asked if she could come see my mom at a time when it was unlikely Satan would be there. I told her they hadn’t been there for about four days now but her best bet was coming during work hours. My brother got off at 6:00pm. 
I made plans to meet up with her in the parking lot and so I did. We walked up into the room and to my shock and surprise my aunt Debbie and Aunt Bea were there. I wasn’t expecting to see them considering it was during work hours and they both had jobs. There was a real strange vibe when we walked in. Instead of sitting in the two chairs next at my mom’s bed side, they were leaned up against the wall on the opposite side of the room. I really didn’t want to be in there, but I couldn’t leave Donna (the ex-fiancé’s mother ) there alone. Sure enough though within a few minutes my husband called me and told me he was downstairs to pick up our son. 
I took a little extra time talking to my husband, hoping my aunts would leave, but when I went back up, they were still there. It was super awkward in the room, but I felt obligated to stay. As I said, it was weird to see them there during work hours, and even more weird there without my uncle Bob, who always drove them out here. They hadn’t been there in days. Why all of the sudden did they decide to take off during the day and come? 
There was obvious tension in the air and so Donna made a good buffer for that. They ended up leaving shortly after and then it was just me, my mom and Donna. Donna is an interesting person. She’s really funny and outspoken, but not in a rude way. Usually when my mom and I were with her we’d talk non-stop and laugh until our bellies hurt. Donna always had a way about her that just kind of lightened the mood and lifted you up. That day however, I felt like my mom was completely detached, and she almost seemed annoyed that donna was even there. She hardly looked at Donna or paid her any attention, even after my aunts left. She was just staring straight ahead watching the TV which was tuned to Fox News. The more I observed her lack of interactions, the more I realized that something was majorly wrong. 
I tried to talk myself out of it but from that Monday on, I was recognizing something in my mom that I remembered seeing in my dad at the end of his life. He had that same glazed over look in his eyes and it scared the shit out of me. My mom was very agitated and while I was trying to help her pick out dinner, she was holding the menu upside down and just kind of blankly staring at it, but she was trying to convince me that she was reading it just fine. When I tried to help her turn it around, she snapped at me. We fixed the menu and as I was trying to help her read her choices, she snapped at me again to leave her alone. I watched her as she sat there holding the menu and eventually falling asleep with it in her hands. She didn’t eat all day and she didn’t order dinner that night either. It troubled me. 
Donna didn’t stay too long. When she finally left, I looked at my mom who had dozed off to sleep. I felt bad waking her but I wanted to get her dentures out so she’d be comfortable for the night. She pulled out the bottom one and put it in a container like we did every night. When she went to get the tops I saw she was really struggling, and so I asked if she needed help. She snapped at me again and said she didn’t need help. Usually the tops ones slipped right off because she didn’t use the adhesive on the tops. She only used it on the bottom. She was pulling and pulling and they wouldn’t come out. She didn’t even look as if she had the strength to get them out but finally after struggling for a few minutes, she managed to get them out. There was shit loads of glue on them and in her mouth. It was a fucking mess. The glue stretches and so there was these huge globs of stringy glue hanging all over her mouth. She looked so pitiable sitting there pulling off the strings one by one. I helped her clean her mouth out and get ready for bed. 
Something just didn’t feel right those few days. She seemed like she suddenly got worse. She was confused and just seemed kind of out of it. I wondered if t was the antidepressant, but she had only been on them for a few days, and I couldn’t imagine she had even built enough up in her system to make her seem this “off”. I couldn’t help but think something else was going on. She wasn’t really eating or drinking any fluids. While she had lost over 25lbs in the few weeks she was there, her stomach looked terribly distended and the day before she started complaining about a pain in her lower belly. I figured she was constipated because that had been another horrible issue she had to deal with since she started the pain killers. I just couldn’t forget that glazed over look in her eyes. Something wasn’t right. 
I spoke to the doctor that night and I asked her if the antidepressants could be causing her to be apathetic and confused. Given the fact she was taking over 16 different medications, he said it was a possibility there was an interaction somewhere in there. I asked him if we could stop them and see if it helps and he agreed that it was a good idea. I was hoping to come back the next day and see her in better condition. I didn’t  sleep much that night….
(To be continued in my next post) 

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