A knock at the door

The wedding invitations were sent out and received by my family around the first of the new year. I was the only person to not receive one. Every day my mom would tell me she was sure it would come but it never did. My family also was invited to participate in Satan’s bridal shower. The R.S.V.P date had come and passed and Satan and my brother hadn’t heard back from virtually anyone in my family whether they were coming or not. The women in my family accounted for almost half of the guest list and so Satan was going to have a lot of explaining to do when there was about 30 empty chairs!
By this time she had managed to tick off a few extended members of the family. On of my guy cousins was dating a girl Diana (fake name) who was a professional makeup artist with a growing list of credentials. She still did some bridal makeup at the time and so Satan asked her to do hers. A few days prior to my mom’s blowout with them at their house my cousin’s girlsfriend had come to the house to do a trial run. When she was there, of course the wedding was the only thing being talked about. Satan asked Diana what she was wearing to the wedding. Diana asked Satan if she had seen my dress and proceeded to tell her that she’d probably wear something similar to that. Well leave it to Satan to twist Diana’s words. In the fight with my mom that day, she told my mom that Diana “prewarned her” about my dress. She acted as if Diana was the one who told her my dress was inappropriate! I really didn’t need to ask Diana if she said anything because I strongly sensed that she didn’t. Diana herself has a very edgy style. I didn’t think she’d see any problem with my dress. Once again, that was Satan’s way of trying to triangulate. She had to drag another person into the story to back her story up. 
Diana was pretty new to our family too, at the time and so she was pretty upset that she got the dragged into this drama by Satan. Not only was she dragged into it but she was pinned as the shit starter! Diana decided that before she get dragged into any other bullshit she wrote Satan a very nicely worded text, politely telling her that with everything going on, she thought it was best if Satan find a new makeup artist. Satan being Satan started to calling Diana’s phone relentlessly. Diana didn’t want to answer. She felt the text was enough. She knew from the conversations they had at the makeup trial that Satan wasn’t playing with a full deck. Since Diana didn’t answer her calls, Satan then did what most normal, mentally sane people would do…..she went on Facebook and unfriended Diana and my cousin! 
Satan did a lot of that. Till this day she is only friends with a handful of my family on Facebook. My mom friend requested her six weeks before she got engaged. Satan conveniently accepted her request the before my brother proposed to her. When my brother and I got into the fight about my dress, she unfriended my mom and told her it was because I went on her page and saved every single photo of her in a dress and sent it to my brother! I sent her one photo where she was at a wedding wearing a dress that was faaaar shorter than my dress. Satan also has a large bust and you can see at least four to five inches of cleavage popping out of her dress. I sent it, to illustrate that she shouldn’t be giving me lectures on appropriate wedding attire when she doesn’t dress so conservatively herself. One picture….but she told my mom I sent “EVERY PICTURE EVER, of her in a dress.”. Diane blamed my mom because my cousin confronted her after she unfriended him and his girlfriend. He sent her a photo of her kissing her ex boyfriend and told her she should take it down. It was a stupid move on his behalf but somehow my mom was blamed for it. Satan and my brother got into a huge blowout that day and Satan posted a proof of herself holding a rifle that said something to the effect of I wish I could use one of these. That was when we found out she was a gun enthusiast. Yet another thing that troubles me. 
Diana wasn’t the only one that wasn’t invited to the bridal shower…..I wasn’t invited either. My mom was very upset about everything that went on and a few weeks later when no one had R.S.V.P’d to Satan’s shower, my brother called my mom and started freaking out on her about it. That too caused a huge fight and so once again Satan went into damage control mode. 
It was a Tuesday night at around 10:00 when my husband tells me that he got a call from a strange number. I yelled out across the house to give me the number so I could look it up. As I am typing the number into my phone I hear a knock at our front door. It was very odd that anyone was knocking on our door late at night like that. My husband peeped out the window and. Turns around to me and says, “it’s Satan!”. I didn’t believe him at first but sure enough he opens the door and sure as day there she was. She brazenly walked into my house and asked if she and I could speak……

To be continued in my next post! 

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