A knock at the door….

It was a Tuesday night when my husband got a call from a strange number followed by a knock at the door. The uninvited guest was my brother’s psychotic, narcissist wife. It ended up the strange number was her. Why she calls my husband and not me, I don’t know. Perhaps she thought she could manipulate him just like she does with my brother. 
Without being invited in, she walked into my house and asked if her and I could speak. My husband was very annoyed. We had just gotten my son to bed after a fussy day and he didn’t want the dog barking or getting exited and waking our son. I told Satan to step outside onto my porch so we didn’t wake my son. My husband closed he door behind him. Satan asks me if I wound like to go for a ride. I look out in the street and I don’t see any cars other than mine and my neighbors. To this day I don’t know or understand why she parked her car out of sight. I do not get a good feeling at al when I am around Satan. Her mere presence makes me very uncomfortable. There was no way in hell I was getting into a car that I couldn’t even see. In all reality Satan is a complete stranger to me. While I consider myself a tough person, I have no idea what this person is capable of, and especially now that I know she owns guns. I don’t trust this girl as far as I can throw her. 
I decline her offer to go for a ride and tell her we can sit outside of my home and talk. I have to admit I was a little standoffish and skeptical about her reasoning for showing up at my home unannounced, late at night like that. I also knew that earlier that day there was a fight that took place with my mom because none of my family had responded to the shower invitations she had sent out. It was only once she realized that over half of her guests weren’t going to be there, which means she wouldn’t be receiving gifts from over half of her guests either that she decided to reach out. I didn’t speak to ether of them for over two and a half months except for the one email I sent my brother about the Christmas gifts, and I am not supposed to question the convenient timing of her coming to my house? 
She takes a seat on the wicker bench on my poach and proceeds to pat her hand in the spot next to her and tells me to have a seat. She is at MY house telling me to have a seat like she owns the place. Again I declined and told her I’d prefer to stand. She starts off with telling me that she came over for my brother and that she was sick and tired of the bullshit (that she started) and that she didn’t come to discuss anything (because she’d have to take accountability) but that my brother wanted her to come over so we can talk it out (but she had already clearly told me she didn’t want to discuss anything). I told her that I didn’t really understand what the problem was and so I asked her what her issue was with my dress. Right away she got really defensive and started saying that it wasn’t her who had the problem it was all my brother, she wasn’t home, she wasn’t there, she didn’t know anything. I calmly told her with all due respect that I know my brother and I find it very hard to believe it was his problem. She kept going on blaming him and finally I asked her why if it was all my brother why was she was fighting with my mom for an hour and a half over the dress? She stops me dead in my tracks and goes, “an hour…..pfffftt! We didn’t even discuss your dress that day”. I was like “Satan, really?”. She then goes on to tell me that IF they did discuss my dress that day, it was for less than 20 minutes, if even that! Then I told her “but you were yelling at my mom that day!”. Keep in mind that the more I’d say, the more hostile she became. She got really angry at this point and was denying getting loud with my mom and she proceeds to tell me that my mom was the one who started the yelling. She said my mom started to yell and she pounded her fist very hard on her couch. As she is saying this she starts demonstrating by repeatedly hitting my wicker bench seat really hard. My husband hears this going on and comes out and tells her she better calm down because he’s going to be very angry if my son gets woken up. 
She wasn’t going to lie her way out of this one no matter how hard she tried. Of course she didn’t know but I had a recording of everything that happened that day and every time she lied I knew it was a lie. At this point now I had told her that there was no way she’d convince me that my brother was the one who had the issue. I told her if she couldn’t just be honest with me then there was really no point of talking. She started going into her whole schpeal about how she didn’t know about my dress, because she was in the city that day working at a basketball event and that she couldn’t talk to my brother on the phone all day because she was at work. I told her that I knew for a fact that My brother was texting back and forth her the entire time he was at my house, and that in fact he had shown me pictures that she had sent him of her and some famous basketball player. She then changed the story, “oh well maybe I was allowed to sneak one text under the table.” 
Basically she kept trying to change the subject which is a very common tactic. If you study the way these people argue you can see all the different methods they use to try to confuse and how they will deflect and divert the conversation away from them and on to other people. She wasn’t confusing me. I was trying to stay the course. When that didn’t work she then just kept repeating that she “didn’t come here for this”. She was getting angrier and angrier that I wasn’t backing down. I don’t even remember exactly what we were talking about but it was something about the texts I sent my brother, and whatever it was I offered to go inside and get my phone so I could prove her wrong and that’s when she jumped up and said, “this isn’t what I came here for, I’m leaving!”. She then proceeded to stomp off my front porch and as she walked away still yelling and rambling I said, “good get the fuck off my property!”. Supposedly she had the invitation for their wedding in her hand that day. I wish so bad that I had thought to record her because her version of events was that she came to my house to make amends and I slammed the door in her face. I don’t know how I can slam a door from outside but that’s what she says happened. In her version no conversation even took place. I just slammed the door. 
Looking back, that was the day that cemented my beliefs about her. In my house growing up when one member of the family had conflict with another member of the family or someone did something wrong or hurtful, we would all sit down at our kitchen table, hash it out, yell, cry, talk and then figure out a way to resolve things and move forward. How can you move past things and right your wrongs if you completely lack insight? I just don’t really know any other way to resolve problems except for just confronting them head on. Pretending that something didn’t happen doesn’t solve a god damn thing. 
Also, in retrospect I definitely had hostility towards her too. I was angry about the way she spoke to my mother and I was especially upset about her veiled gun threat via social media towards my mom. She did not take even a smidgen of responsibility for ANYTHING, AT all.
As I said in an earlier post, Satan had threatened to call of the wedding a few times. During those times my brother would call my mom and kind of tell her that me and her need to apologize to his soon-to-be wife even if we have to fake it. Only a narcissist would hold a wedding over their fiancĂ©’s head like that and threaten to call the wedding off if he didn’t comply with their demands. 
At that time my family was trying to stand United behind my mom and since she is one of six kids, two boys and four girls, and I’m one of 12 cousins, 8 girls and 4 boys, her sisters didn’t want to attend the shower unless she said she was going for sure. My mom didn’t know what to do at that point. She didn’t think it was right at all that I wasn’t invited to the shower and she knew once certain bridges are crossed, there is no turning back……
To be continued in the next post.

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