The proposal 

(Before reading this post, please check out my first few posts so the story makes sense) 
It had been a few months since my brother moved in with his new girlfriend, Satan. The summer had come and gone and it was a mid September afternoon when my brother showed up on my front door step. My son was napping and so I invited him to sit out on the front porch with me. We were shooting the shit for a while when suddenly he says, “I have to tell you something….” he prefaced it with, “I know you’re going to think I’m crazy and it’s too soon but I am going to propose to Satan.”. I was a bit taken aback. In fact I was quite shocked. My brother and his ex talked about getting married after the first year of their relationship. He waited three more years until finally asking. Here it was, they hadn’t even known one another for a full six months and had only lived together for about 3 months. It was all moving so fast. 
I sat there quietly for what seemed like a few awkward minutes but in reality, it was probably a second or so. I really didn’t know how to react. I’m not good at faking things and especially on the spot like that. By this time I had only met Satan a handful of times but they were enough for me to realize I was not crazy about her. I felt a wave of sadness come over my body and what came out of my mouth was, “it’s your life [brother’s name], you have to make your own decisions.” 
You see I was trying really hard to no dislike Satan. The honest truth is, I was never crazy about any of the women my brother has been with. He seems to always choose women who are a bit bossy and controlling. His ex-fiancé and I had bumped heads a few times in the past, when they first started dating and my brother always held it against me. I was trying my damnedest to get along with Satan even though I didn’t feel like she was the best choice for him. 
He knew it sounded crazy. He must’ve told me that he knows I think it’s crazy, a million times. What was more crazy was that he asked me not to tell my mom. He wanted to wait to tell her in person, after he popped the question. He was doing it that very same night. I congratulated him and told him he better not wait too long to call my mother. 
I didn’t listen to him about not telling my mom. As soon as he left, I picked up the phone and dialed her number. I didn’t want my mom having a heart attack but I especially didn’t want her to have the same shitty reaction I had. I needed to prepare her. By this point in time my mom also wasn’t exactly joining her fan club. From day one, Satan seemed like she had zero interest in getting to know us and build a bond with either of us. There were a few incidents that happened along the way that that let us know she wasn’t really into us. One was this time when I let them borrow my banquet tables. I went out of my way to load them into my truck and meet them in the Walmart Parking lot, where they were already shopping. I pulled up at the exact time I said I would. I drove around the parking lot for a few minutes searching for their car but I couldn’t find it. Finally, I just parked my car and called my brother to see where he was and to my complete and utter surprise, he said he left! He told me he had to go but that he’d be by my house later on to pick them up I was a little annoyed and I let him know. He reluctantly agreed to come back and said he would be there in five minutes. I could see if I was late but I wasn’t. I got there exactly when I said I’d be there. He couldn’t have gotten too far but five, minutes went by…….ten minutes……twenty minutes…..a half an hour later he finally shows up. For a half hour he left me sitting in a parking lot with my 6 month old son, in 90° weather. I noticed when he pulled up he was in Satan’s car but she wasn’t in there. I asked where she was and he told me he dropped her off at a food store that was over ten miles away. She made him drive her all the way to the food store in the completely opposite direction and then had him come all of the way back to get the tables. He grabbed them from the car and without so much as a thank you, he drove away. At the party the next day, which was two days after my mom’s birthday, she didn’t bother to with my mom a happy birthday or acknowledge it in any way. 
My mom wasn’t happy when I told her the news, either and in fact, I believe she said she felt like crying. That night my brother popped the question. I text him the next day and asked how it went. He text me back that she said, “yes” along with a photo of her bed with the words “marry me?”, spelled out in rose petals. I asked him when he planned on telling our mother and he told me he wanted to do it the same day Satan told her mom, and they wanted to do so in person. I congratulated him and told him not to wait too long. 
It was a few days later and he still didn’t tell my mom. He calls me up and poses this crazy plan to me. He asked me what I thought about him and Satan showing up at my mom’s part time job (she had two jobs, a full-time and part-time) and showing her the ring. Personally I didn’t think it was the best idea. I told him to do whatever he felt was right in his heart. Even though I knew she already knew, I felt showing up at someone’s job to tell them this big news, was kind of strange and impersonal. Telling a friend like that may be ok, but to tell your mother like that? I though he was better off calling her on the phone and telling her. 
He did end up telling her that day but it wasn’t at work. My moms aunt passed away and so my mom had taken off from her regular job that day to attend the funeral service. Later that night he and Satan went to her house and told her……and that’s when all the fun began……….
To be continued in my next post. 

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