Trouble in paradise (Part 4)

(Before reading this post make sure you check out my first few posts.)
It was my mom’s birthday at the end of July that year. My brother was so wrapped up with Satan and his new living situation that he completely forgot her birthday. Three weeks later I finally decided to call him up and remind him. Satan was keeping him plenty busy. I didn’t think things were going to work out. At least I hoped they wouldn’t. 

There were things here and there that troubled me. For starters, every time I did see them together, my brother just seemed uncomfortable around her. He wasn’t acting like himself. I knew the relationship was new but it was strange. It was like he was afraid to be himself. My brother is shy with strangers but to those who know him, he’s actually quite entertaining. He’s a total jokester. In fact me and him both are. There was never a shortage of laughs when we hung out but now with Satan around he wasn’t his normal funny self. Even when she wasn’t around he was acting strange. I sort of started to avoid him. I tried hard not to make it obvious. If he wanted to hang out I’d tell him I had something else to do. Every time I was with him and she wasn’t around it was like he was in this trance. He’d be on his phone constantly texting her. You see Narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths and even borderlines are all very insecure people. They cannot take when their victim’s attention is else where. Even when they aren’t around, they need to make sure they need to have your undivided attention at ALL TIMES. 
My mom caught wind of my avoidance of my brother and she told me it wasn’t right and that I should answer his calls and hang out with him. I tried to explain to her that every time I tried, I spent most of the time talking to myself, like this one time that he called me up on a whim and asked if he could stop over at my house. I told him I had some errands to run but he was more than welcome to tag along. He got in my car and right then I could tell something was wrong. Again he was staring at his phone the entire time and wasn’t talking much. I never before felt awkward with my brother but the awkward silence was bothering me and so I tried to fill it by making small talk. I would say something and either get no response or a short one word response as he stared at his phone, texting her. I can’t explain it but my brother just seemed to be in this constant state of anxiety ever since he and her started dating. We went to a few stores so I could pick up some stuff I needed for my son who was an infant, at the time. After about an hour or so of the uncomfortable silence, my brothers phone rang. It was her, Satan. I could tell by his short, one word answers and the multiple “whatevers” that something was wrong. 

He hung up the phone and shook his head and finally I asked what was bothering him. 
I think that was what he was waiting for because when I asked, it was like this sense of relief came over him and he started to spill the beans. He told a story about what happened that morning. Apparently Satan’s daughter went away to summer camp. She didn’t feel like doing her project for camp the next day which was to make a costume of some sort. Satan told her that if she didn’t want to do her “homework” that she better not wake up the next day and tell her she didn’t feel like going to camp. Satan and my brother had plans to spend the day at the beach, alone. Sure enough the next morning came and her daughter didn’t want to go to camp. That’s when my brother told me that shit got crazy. He said “Satan started flipping out. She was throwing dishes and screaming that they were ALL spoiled brats in the house and she was sick of EVERYONE.”. My brother had a few quick errands to run that morning and Satan tells the daughter that she’s going to have to go with him. My brother politely told her he didn’t want her to come along because he just wanted to get things done quick. Satan flipped out and told him everyone in the house is spoiled. They had plans to go to the beach when he was done but when he came back, she was gone. She left for the beach without him and she wouldn’t answer her phone. He was being punished. 
My brother started to unload. They had only been living together for a few short weeks and there was already some serious trouble in paradise. My brother told me that she would flip out sometimes for no reason. That her anger sometimes didn’t match what she was angry about. He said she was very moody and bossy, that she had him constantly doing stuff and when he was doing stuff for her, she would breathe down his neck and criticize him the whole way through and tell him he was doing it wrong. His exact words were that he felt like he was living with our father again. 
That was one of the few times I was with him and they were fighting. My brother was scared of his girlfriend, that was clear.

 Like I mentioned earlier, my mom wasn’t understanding my avoidance of my brother. She didn’t get it until one day when her and I were out shopping at Walmart and he called me to see what I was doing. My mom and I were going to head out to a diner after Walmart with my husband and son. My brother showed up at Walmart and walked around with us as we shopped. Again he was quiet and focused on his phone the whole time. We got back to my mom’s house where we met my husband. We all sat in her kitchen, shooting the shit for a while. My husband was trying to talk to my brother about the latest Yankee game and my brother was so entranced into his phone that he didn’t even respond to a word my husband said. My mom, my husband and myself all looked at one another like, “what’s going on?”. I positioned myself behind my brother so I could read his phone, over his shoulder. Sure enough he was engulfed in a text battle with Satan. 
We all decided to leave and head over to the diner. My mom went in the car with my brother and me and my husband went in our own car. On the way to the diner, we were talking about how odd my brother was acting and speculating as to whether or not they were fighting. Once we got to the diner he was still very quiet but he at least put his phone in his pocket. It wasn’t long though until it started buzzing. He got up and excused himself from the table, to go to the rest room. While he was gone my mom informed us that she had said something to him in the car. She told him that my husband was trying to talk to him and he was just ignoring him. He was taking a while in the bathroom and when he came back, he put his phone back in his pocket. 
Clearly there was trouble in paradise. It was sad my brother didn’t know to soak up as much time with us as he could, while he still could because in the days and weeks to come, things were going to change…..big time. 

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