There are a lot of websites out there dedicated to Narcissists which means there’s a lot of info about Narcissists and more specifically; narcissistic personality disorder (also referred to as NPD). Those sites are great because they explain all the signs and characteristics of these unfortunate individuals. I know, because I have read a lot of them. Three years ago, a narcissist entered my family and it was not by choice…….well I mean who would purposely choose to have a narcissist in their inner most circle? What I mean is that it’s not my spouse or significant other. I didn’t choose for this person to be in my life at all, she was forced upon me. She is the reason I started reading about Narcissistic personality disorder. I wanted to get to know more about this selfish, heartless, lying, soul sucking, pariah. 
What I found in my online search for answers was a lot of information that basically confirmed my intuitions that something was seriously wrong with this individual, but what I didn’t find a lot of was stories that I can really relate to. While I could relate to the chaos and agony their scorned victims have dealt with, I didn’t find much about how the narcissist effected the other people in the victim’s lives. Narcissists do not care about ANYONE but themselves. Period. Point blank. End. Of. Story. People are not people to them, they are objects. Anyone in their life is looked at like a pawnin their sick and twisted chessboard. They don’t care for their victims and they certainly don’t care or their victim’s families either…..that is unless they have something to gain from them. Most of the victims of these disgusting creatures are either too traumatized or too afraid to share their stories.

Journaling is what helped  keep me sane in my teens. I kept a journal from the 5th grade, well into college and beyond. I stopped a few years ago and it’s something I miss. It got me through all of the hard times in my life and with that, I decided to write this blog. The last three years of my life have been a complete nightmare. This person came into my life and completely disrupted it. I have lost so much because of her. Even though I pretty much maintained ZERO contact with her she still managed to find a way to destroy me. I refuse to be controlled and be a victim which is why I’ve decided to write this blog. I wished so bad I had at least one person who could really relate with me.  Narcissists don’t only  only hurt their victims, they cause tons of collateral damage too. This blog is for them.

 Watching a loved one falling under the spell of a narcissist is the equivalent of watching a  loved one plunge a needle into their arms, and turn into a junkie. Narcissists cast a spell over their victims. Much like a drug they alter their thoughts, their personalities and every other aspect of their lives. They isolate and control their victims. They come between their victims and everything that means something to them in their lives. If you do not get on board and stay in line with what the narcissist wants, you will be sought out and permanently black listed from the victim’s life with absolutely no explanation, and unless you go begging for forgiveness on your hands and knees, to the narcissist, you will never see your loved one again.(that is, again, unless the narcissist can find some type of use for you or has something to gain). 
I am speaking from experience.  I watched someone I love give up everything, to please one of these demented demons. It is hard. It is emotional but it’s going to be ok…I’m going to help you. 

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