Ugh today is that day I dread every time the calendar turns to Oct. The day my mom passed. I still cannot believe it’s been 2 years since I have last seen her, talked to her, laughed with her and cried with her. I’ve never missed someone so much in my life. Grief is one […]

It was Labor Day weekend and I really thought, Satan who’s an alcoholic and jumps at any chance to party and get shit faced and take photos of herself like a college girl, was going to be quiet that weekend, and for the first time in almost 2 weeks I wouldn’t have to deal with […]

I was really starting to get fed up with the way I was being spoken to in these emails. I was done communicating with my brother’s wife. None of what was being said and how it was being said, sounded anything like the way my brother speaks. If it was him talking to me like […]

I was FURIOUS after receiving that “follow up” email from my brother. It was just completely unnecessary to send that to me. I can tell Satan, (my brother’s wife) was getting angry that I wasn’t just lying back and letting her push me around like she does with everyone else in her life. I was […]

Under normal circumstances I never would’ve had a problem with my brother’s spouse helping settle my mom’s estate. In fact I often imagined how things would’ve been had Satan not been in the picture. I think had he still been with his ex, things would’ve gone a lot smoother and there’s no question we all […]

Prior to receiving our letters of administration to be executors of my mother’s estate, my brother signed an agreement, as did I, that read: “That all business is to be transacted by the EXECUTORS in their PERSONAL capacity, and NO surrogate shall have the authority to ACT IN PLACE of one or the other executor…”. […]

Once again it has been some time since I last updated this blog. In a nut shell, since the day I received letters of administration, from that point on, my life became an absolute and utter living fucking hell. I thought caring for my mom was stressful and it was……extremely, but settling an estate with […]